To Grow or Not To Grow – 10 Strategies on How to Build Your Brand in China

Full house for Globeone’s presentation on the top 10 strategies for brand building in China at Serviceplan’s International Roadshow: Great discussions with 80 marketing & brand managers including Tencent’s Managing Director Jeff Kwek.

“Anyone who wants to be successful in China also needs the right expansion strategy. Dr. Niklas Schaffmeister, Managing Partner of the management consultancy Globeone, recommended that in most cases an adaptation of the brand is indispensable. Understand how your own brand is perceived in China. Build on local values when promoting your brand, such as national pride, collectivism, prestige thinking. Success case: a VW campaign that highlights the importance of the family, from ‘little emperors’ to grandparents. According to Schaffmeister, however, the biggest problem is that German companies usually overestimate the awareness level of their brand”, writes the German marketing journal Absatzwirtschaft.